India & Nepal 2012


By Shinichi

 Today we had a transit in Thailand, so we stayed a night in Nepal. Our whole team was “dokiwaku.” (ahem, ask a Japanese person what that means :p) 

We arrived in Bangkok, Thailand at 3:30 pm, after a 5 hour flight. 

友人の方が観光につれていってくれました。Some friends there took us around to experience the sights, sounds and smells of Bangkok! 

出発前にパチリ☆ Excited about having our boarding passes
Maria with the study tour schedule she wrote out small scale to fit her diary. スタディーツアーの予定を細かく、日記用に書き出したまりあ
Emi and Cheryl, excited about the plane ride!

Thoughts by Shinichi 真一的感想

ゆったり流れる日常と、なつかしいにおいで子どもの頃を思い出し、ホッ として嬉しい初日でした。

Personally, I was looking forward to actually standing on Thai soil....wondering what the air there will taste and smell like?! 
 What I felt after spending a day in Thailand: I felt relaxed, like I went back in time to my childhood.
...The line at immigrations moving at a slow, relaxed pace, or the people at the foreign currency exchanged taking a “break”. And the air to me smelt just like what I remember BBQ’s by the riverside when I was a child to smell like. 
The time there just seemed to pass slower, and the scents there reminded me of my childhood years, It was a relaxing first day. 
A form of local transportation in Bangkok. びっくり!
これから by Mayuko

My first time experience overseas is full of so many surprises and interesting things. I hope to learn lots about other countries. Now I want to learn the language and talk with people more. I’m going to do my best so that I can have alot of experiences. 
In a Tuk Tuk
Partway up a local temple...that was closed :P タイの寺院行こうとしたら、残念ながら閉館時間が過ぎていた(汗)
できたてホヤホヤの。。。何か。 Thai specialties.....^^
中国につながっている有名な川の夕日を船から見れたよー。 Sunset view on the river that connects to China ☆

最初のショックーby Cheryl
The first thing that shocked me when the flight arrived the airport there is this tiny yet cute building made by red brick! Later I realize there are so many things in this city which resembled China in some ways :) And the food is so delicious! I’m looking forward to experiencing more which comes along the way!

想像以上 by Emi
ネパールの初印象は思ったよりよかったです。最初、ちょっとわけがわからなくて静かにしていました(笑)でも、ちょっと時間がたったら楽しくなってきました。ネパールとタイは日本に比べて色がとっても鮮やかです。あと、のら犬や動物が結構いることにびっくり!私の一つの目標は毎日3分間会話をすることです(シャイなので)それはできました! もう一つは日記。やらないと。。。またアップしますね☆

Nepal is alot better than I expected. At first, everything was chaotic and confusing. I didn’t understand anything so I stayed quiet. Aha....After a while, my shock slowly disappeared and I was able to enjoy myself :D Compared to Japan, Nepal and Thailand is very colorful. Another thing I was shocked about was the stray animals on the street. One of my goals is to have at least a 3 minute conversation. Already did it! :) Another is to write a journal. I better start writing :p 

Will post more soon. 

by Meg

今回はみんなと一緒に旅できてsuper happy です。初めて海外へ行く人が多いので、一人だったら気づかなかったような違った視点からいろんなことをフレッシュに見て経験することができてとっても楽しんでいます。新しい感動が増えてます。しかし、みんなそろっているかどうか、こんなに何回も確認したのは生まれて初めてかも、笑。


I’m super happy for the privilege of taking this tour with these members. Since there are many members who are traveling abroad for the first time, I’m able to experience and notice new things from their totally fresh perspective, things I would never have noticed on my own. It’s been fun!! Though I’ve never done so many head counts in one day in my life, just to make sure no one got lost. 

Thankfully we’re here in Nepal safely now, and will go to the library that James is building tomorrow. 


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