And We're OFF!! 出発! - India & Nepal 2012

India & Nepal 2012

I didn't plan on keeping a blog this trip, but I suddenly had the inspiration to write something up (...and I also had lots of time in between flights, heh)

We're now on our way to India via Thai Airways.

It's been 8 years since I've been in India last. Last time I went with an NPO from Hiroshima with a bunch of other young people when I was 17. I'm looking forward to seeing how India has changed.

The purpose of this trip is mainly to meet with our friends in both India and Nepal who have a well established work, providing education for underprivileged children. We plan to see the situation first hand, find out what the most urgent needs are and how we can help.
We are looking to setting up an efficient channel through which those who are interested in Japan and other parts of the world, can be and feel involved, knowing exactly where their funds are being invested and how its making a difference.

Wish us safe travels! We'll be arriving close to midnight in Bengaluru Airport.







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