India & Nepal 2012


From all of us

Since today is our last day in Nepal, we would like to dedicate this post to our hosts.

We would like to thank James and Apsala (James’ niece) for their love, care and support in almost every way during our stay here. Apsala’s smile is very sweet. Even though she speaks very little English, we somehow understand each other. She is also a wonderful cook. There are no left overs.......regardless of our dieting plan. :P She helped and supported our lives in many ways that made our stay much smoother and very enjoyable. We enjoyed the many after dinner talks with her over tea. 

まず、私たちがネパールにいる間に頂いた暖かさ、思いやりとサポートを本当に感謝しています。アプサラさんの笑顔は本当にやさしいです。英語は少ししか話せなくても、意思の疎通ができるのがすごかったです。彼女のお料理もとってもおいしかったです。ダイエットの計画があるつもりだったのにいつの間にか何も残さずに食べてしまいました。(汗) 彼女がいろいろと手伝ってくれたおかげでここにいる時間がよりスムーズに、そして楽しくなりました。夕食の後、ティーを飲みながらの会話が思い出です。ニコ。

James is probably the most considerate, reliable and trust worthy host that you can find. He is also very knowledgeable about the places we visit or the things we need to know, which we really appreciated.

He is also very optimistic and we haven’t heard a single complaint, despite our many requests and curious questions-he’s been so accomodating. 

Also, he really has a heart for the children. When you see them together, you can feel the connection and bonds no less stronger than a true family can  carry. We were deeply touched by that. 


Today we had a wonderful goodbye dinner together. After that, we all got together and talked about our thoughts and feelings about this trip. We were all thankful for what we have experienced here in Nepal. This trip made a special connection between us and this place. Each of us in our own way, learned different lessons which we would like to apply to our daily lives. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful time. We would love to visit sometime in the (hopefully) near future. THANK YOU! 
ワンダフルな時を本当にありがとうございます。また近い未来にネパールに行きたいです。Thank you so much! 

Also, we'd like to give heartfelt thanks to Mr. Rajbandari who owns the Asian Dining LUMBINI restaurant in Japan, and kindly lent us the use of his jeep a few times, as well as gave us a warm welcome and treat to authentic Nepali food at his sister restaurant "Panas". 



Thank you so much!!

9/3/2011 05:14:17 am

Thank you Meg, Cheryl, Shinich,Maria, Mayuko and Emy for all your help. All of you were very very kind, helpful and understanding. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful vacation in Pokhara. It was honor to have you here and your presence brought a real family spirit to this home. Now the home feels empty without you guys. Lots of love and prayers. Looking forward to having you over in near future. Be blessed!

Gernot Zimmermann
9/9/2011 09:38:24 pm

Dear Megumi, thank you very much for letting me know about the blog. This comment comes late, but hopefully not too late. As ever I am enjoying your blogs and for keeping me updated about your study trips. From reading the blog and seeing the photographs I think the trip has been/was again a success. In case you are still in Nepal, enjoy the rest of the time there and have a safe trip home to Japan. Take care and God bless you, Gernot (Germany)


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