India & Nepal 2012


By Emi & Cheryl

Yesterday night it rained a lot. We heard some really loud thunder........but other than that, it was fine. The morning was as clear as ever. For breakfast, we ate nepalese donuts with the children. It was very good. Usually the children play outside then eat breakfast. After cleaning up and getting ready, we were off to the zoo!!!


Becoming friends♡ 手つないでる。かわいい。
Maria( 15) and Nisha (13) stuck together almost all day. まりあ(15歳)とニーシャ(13歳)は一日中一緒♪
After the usual chaotic traffic, we met up with Lily and the 8 girls she is currently caring for in front of the zoo. The girls are all orphans from Humla, (a region in northwest Nepal) and Lily and those working with her have been sponsoring their housing, food, and educational fees.  Now all of them are studying in a school in Kathmandu. We will post later with more details about the projects Lily and James are operating right now. 



The zoo was quite impressive. The animals there were the same as Japan but the animals seemed to have more space to move and live within. 


まゆ子が象とふれあってる! Mayuko touching the elephant!
After that we went to this restaurant and I ate chowmien for the first time!!! Chowmien is nepal’s yakisoba.


After eating to our stomach’s content, we stopped by Lily’s girls place. We helped put on the Yukatas that we brought with us from Japan. (Thank you everyone who donated their Yukatas!!)  For most of us, it was trial and error, so we all made a lot of mistakes on the way. 




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