India & Nepal 2012


By Meg

ネパールの一番大きい空港。かわいいっしょ?Here’s a photo of the biggest airport in Nepal. :) 

Today we arrived around noon to a cool & cloudy Kathmandu. It’s barely over 21 C.  James came to pick us up, and we will be staying with him during our time here, and participating in the projects he has going. Thank you for the warm welcome, James. 
夕方からは日本で知り合ったAsian Dining LUMBINIの社長さんのレストランへ行きました。彼は今ネパールに来ていて、クレープ屋さんをオープンしている最中です。日本に帰る前にまた遊びに行く予定です☆ 
In the evening, we visited our Nepalese friend who we met in Japan. He is opening a crepe store (like Japan) in Nepal, and he treated us to a delicious “Welcome to Nepal” meal at his restaurant. 


ネパール人の中で、日本語ペラペラな方が結構いました。びっくり。私たちも負けないように、ネパール語を覚えています。Actually, so many people spoke fluent Japanese it was surprising. We are also picking up all the Nepali we can. Woohoo!
If ever for a moment we thought warm water was to be expected, it's not so here! The water here is warmed by the sun(solar), so on cloudy days or in the evening, the water is nice and cold.:D  Some people tried out having cold’s part of the full experience, I suppose. Heh. 

Here's the room that us 5 girls are staying in. 


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