India & Nepal 2012

With Sadin. His dream is to become a Hollywood actor :)
Hi everyone, 

Thanks for visiting this blog!
We've been blessed to have only a few power cuts since coming here. Apparently there's more electricity since monsoon just ended. The weather has also been great. It rains and thunders at night, but by morning, its usually mostly dried up. 
Tomorrow we'll be heading to Pokhara (if the rumors of strike are only rumors) and will likely have less internet, but we'll post again after we return. 
Please pray for our safety! Everyone sends their love and is happy and healthy as you can see in the photos :D 









Kenneth Young
08/27/2011 21:58

Hi Meg and everyone,

I just read all of your blog entries and I am amazed (and jealous!) of all the adventures and experiences you all have been having.

I really wish I could be experiencing the same things with you. But just reading your blog updates is also very fun and rewarding. So please keep up sharing your daily adventures!

All the best,


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